Skuhna is a social enterprise that runs a restaurant providing authentic food from Africa, Asia and South America.  Skuhna’s goals are two-fold: to increase the employability of migrants through culinary work and to bridge the understanding gap between migrants and locals who live in Slovenia.

The idea…

Skuhna was launched as a project of the Institute for Global Learning in 2012. The Institute has since 2010 been implementing projects in (global) education and culture and as such has conducted numerous intercultural workshops, debates, roundtables and other events. At these events migrants volunteered to prepare food from their various countries of origin. It turned out that the food was really great. More importantly, the participants loved the food. When an opportunity to apply for a social business project arose in 2012 we combined the facts that we had a few migrants that could cook really well with that there was a potential customer base of people who loved the food. Additionally, the migrants would get an opportunity to tell their own stories, which is an important tool in intercultural education. Skuhna isn’t just about food, it is about the stories of the food, the people who prepare it, the countries it comes from, the pots that are used. It is all about the story. While empowering migrants, Skuhna is also about enlightening people to the realities of the other through food, migrant empowerment and global education. This fits well into the mission of the Institute for Global Learning, which is pursuing the same through other projects like Intercap.

The project..

The Skuhna project was launched in 2012 as a three year project of the Institute for Global Learning with Voluntariat Institute as a partner organization. The project was funded by the European Union and the Slovenian Ministry of Labour. During the project 8 migrants were provided with training mainly in culinary work. Six of them were then employed in the project. After securing a space to rent we engaged over 40 volunteers to renovate the restaurant to its current cosy state. We started with caterings, cooking workshops and in 2014 opened the restaurant for five days a week. Each day of the week we had different cuisine prepared by migrants. by the end of the project in 2015 we had also joined the Open Kitchen initiative in Ljubljana where we offer our food on Fridays at the open market amongst tens of other providers. More than 40 migrants had benefitted from the project directly or indirectly.

And now…

Skuhna today operates as a social business. The primary purpose of Skuhna is to offer migrants opportunities that facilitate their entering the job market. Profits are reinvested into the business.

The restaurant is located at Trubarjeva 56 in Ljubljana. each day of the week we offer cuisine from a different country of the Global South. Every so often we have a delights menu, whereby we mix the best from different countries. We have served food from India, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Philippines, Argentina, Bangladesh, Morocco, Kenya, Algeria, Cuba, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, Gambia. And the list will keep growing.

Events worth highlighting include Friday night dinners, the Open Kitchen, debates, cooking classes, breakfasts and cultural events

Friday Diner with Live Music

Every Friday night from 7pm we offer a five-course meal from selected countries of the Global South. At about 8:30 pm there is live music by migrants musicians. The price for the entire experience is 15 to 17 EUR. And it is worth every penny:)

To avoid inconveniences we encourage you to reserve your table in time at info@skuhna.si or +386 41 339 978.


The Open Kitchen is a food market where every Friday from March to November you can experience the delights of freshly cooked food prepared by different chefs right at the market place in Ljubljana. Skuhna is one of the thirty or so food providers offering unique food that includes plantain banana sandwiches, samosas, and rice with yummy peanut butter sauce…

Skuhna Talk

Skuhna Talk debates offer migrants a forum to discuss and debate issues of choice. We have discussed issues like the Role of Reggae Music; the Miseducation of the Other; Wheat Belly, Women and Religion; The Illusion of Race and Voluntourism.